Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm New to This

Hello, Everyone:

My name is Theron A. Wilkerson. I am student at Jackson State University in my junior year studying to be a teacher.If you didn't know, Jackson State is a historically black university and I find pride in saying that.So yes, I'm sure that you have concluded that I am very racially oriented. It's true. I love being black and I love my black race. However, although I have future aspiration of teaching a black audience, my blog site will not be limited to only Black things.

My major purpose for creating this blog site was to share my thoughts with peers, intellectuals, and so on. If you think I'm not talking about you please change your mind. Everyone is welcome. I consider you all my family members.

 My vision for this site is one of reflection. This is a site where I plan on reflecting and showcasing everything that happens in my life, from the music that interest me to the food I like, I plan on blogging about it all.

You will find that I am very fun and full of life. Well, I will leave everything else to your evaluation. Right now, I have studying to do. I'm in summer school right now at my dear old college home. I consider myself pretty serious about my studies.

Signing off family members. Remember: Live, love, laugh, learn, and in everything that you do, leave a legacy.

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